Yoga Glow Flow

real fireflyThere are about a million things I love about summer and one of the most magical is the appearance of the bioluminescent beauties, fireflies! Also known as lightning bugs, these creatures are so amazing they have a yoga pose named after them.  Now, my firefly pose will most likely never grace the cover of firefly butt FBYoga Journal and is definitely still a work in progress, but after watching these incredible creatures light up my backyard this weekend, I couldn’t resist creating a yoga flow to prepare our bodies to attempt one of the versions of Titibhasana (firefly pose).  Not ready for the full pose?  No problem!  Check out beginner firefly FBthe version below using yoga blocks. Regardless if we can actually do firefly pose, a vinyasa flow class that opens the hamstrings, strengthens the shoulders and core and, most importantly focuses on the breath and having fun, is sure to make us glow!!!  Take flight with me this Friday from 2-3pm at the Towson Yoga Works studio and you’ll leave glowing from the inside out.

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