Help in Unexpected Forms

Help often comes to us in unexpected forms.  My favorite furry gardening assistant loves to Dog fairy FBhelp me keep my plants hydrated in the Summer.  I promise no photographer/husbands were soaked in the making of the picture to the left :-)

Do you need some help this summer? Although this season is fun filled with activities that we enjoy, summer can also bring some challenges. Did you know that acupuncture can help in many ways? Below are just a few.  It can address:

1. Summer allergy symptoms

2.Rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions often made worse by heat and humidity

3. Migraine headaches

4.Stress and anxiety related to busy summer schedules and travel plans

5. Jet lag

6. Relief from muscle strains and sprains

The list goes on and on.  Have questions?  Get in touch and have a happy, healthy summer!


Water Fairy Collage FB

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