December 2016 archive

Intention or Resolution?

It’s that time of year again when everyone is talking about their resolutions for the new year.  relaxed-effort-fbIn my experience, like life and our best laid plans, our journey toward goals we have set often takes many twists, turns, dead ends and short cuts.  This makes the journey toward achieving, or not achieving, our goals just as important as the goal itself.

This year I propose setting an intention, a sankalpa, rather than making a resolution.  To me, a resolution brings to mind a fixed, hard-and-fast goal somewhere in the future.  An intention feels more fluid, able to morph or be molded to fit the present moment. And then again in the next present moment.  I feel that an intention allows us to be softer with ourselves, allowing us to pursue our goals and dreams with relaxed effort rather than racing toward our goals as if a drill sergeant is on our heels barking insults and demands.  Don’t get me wrong- the drill sergeant approach can be effective.  But, given the choice, which journey toward your goals would you chose? A stressful experience that tends toward self criticism or a journey of relaxed effort that allows you to enjoy each moment, set backs and achievements alike?

Let’s continue to explore our sankalpa this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works. Peacefully ring in 2017 with a community hot vinyasa yoga class!

Give the Present of Being Present

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

rudolph-present-fbDo you still have some gifts to buy for your family and friends for the upcoming holidays?  Skip the crowded malls and crazy parking lots, I’ve got an idea for the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones: Be completely present.

The human mind often tends to thoughts of the past or the future unless we train it to stay in the present.  Easier said than done!! Training our minds to stay in the moment takes a lot of practice.  But the benefits of this practice are limitless- less anxiety and stress, improved communication and relationships, more creativity and gratitude, self awareness and self acceptance.  And the list goes on and on………………

Maybe you have decided that this is the perfect holiday gift (and I agree!) but are wondering how to start practicing mindfulness and living in the moment.  Well, skip the last minute frantic holiday shopping and instead join me this Friday from 2-3pm for a community ($6!!!) hot vinyasa yoga class at Towson Yoga Works. You will leave class with the best gift of all- the ability to be fully present.


Easy?? Pose

wade-easy-pose-fbSukhasana, sometimes referred to as easy pose, isn’t always so easy.  When we were children we naturally sat in sukhasana to play, rest and relax.  As we grow up, we become more accustomed to sitting in chairs rather than on the floor.  As a result, the muscles of our hips become tighter and less mobile and easy pose no longer feels easy.  Luckily, there are several variations, some using blocks or blankets, that make this posture more accessible.

Are you thinking to yourself,  “Why bother?  I’ll just sit on a chair?” Keep reading for just a few of the benefits of sukhasana. Easy pose:

  • Stretches the muscles of the hips improving the mobility of the joint.
  • Strengthens  the muscles that support the spine.
  • Calms the mind and eases anxiety.

Meet me on the mat this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works and start your weekend with a stronger, more flexible body and a peaceful state of mind.

Give Your Batteries a Boost This Winter








The winter solstice is quickly approaching.  As we move into the most yin season of the year it is important to boost the energy of our kidneys and their associated meridians.  The kidneys are very susceptible to the excesses of our culture.  Overdoing, burning the candle at both ends, consuming too many stimulants (i.e., coffee) and constantly being on the go burn our kidney energy.

Think of our kidneys as the battery pack for our bodies.  When those batteries become taxed and need to be recharged it is extremely important that we do so.  If we don’t……….well, you’ve seen what happens to batteries that don’t get recharged- they stop working.  My yoga class this Friday, and throughout the winter, will include poses to give the kidneys the boost that they need.  Wondering what you can do to help your kidney energy off the mat?  Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Rest!!!!! In a culture where productiveness is often measured by how little sleep we get, rest is often considered a waste of time.  Not so!  Allowing time for adequate rest is essential for our health and well-being.

2. Take a warm sea salt or Epsom salt bath.  Salt (in moderation) strengthens the kidneys.  Combine rest (see #1) with a kidney boosting salt bath and your meridians and adrenal glands will thank you!

3. Eat warm and cooked foods while avoiding foods that are raw and cold.  Think soup instead of salad.

Have a happy and healthy winter and I’ll see you on the mat this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works!