Fearless Transitions with Grace

Solis Pool Jump FBMoving with awareness and intention is a big part of the practice of yoga.  We focus on where our right leg is in Warrior I or our shoulders in Warrior II.  Noticing our movements when in a pose is important but what happens when we are not yet in a pose and are instead moving from one pose to the next?  Do we pay attention to our transitions? And as our yoga practice reflects our lives off of our mats, how do we approach transitions there?  Just like in the picture above, in life we often we often find ourselves no longer on firm ground and instead leaping into the unknown.  Transitioning from the known to the unknown can be both terrifying and invigorating.  Like my favorite 3 year old leaping into a pool on her own for the first time, we often find ourselves in limbo in life and between poses in our yoga practice. Can we stay present? Stay calm? Move into the next pose and maybe the next phase of our lives with grace? Let’s practice this on our mats so we can fully experience the transitions in our lives. I’ll see you this Friday at Towson Yoga Works from 2-3pm!

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