October 2016 archive


My husband strained a muscle in his back last week and who came to the rescue? Me with e-stim-fbelectro-acupuncture! Also known as e-stim, electro-acupuncture refers to the application of pulsating electrical current to acupuncture points with, or even without, needles.

Although a much more recent addition to a medicine that is thousands of year’s old, electro-acupuncture was developed in China during the 1930’s. It uses a gentle electrical current in conjunction with, or instead of, acupuncture needles as an alternate way to stimulate points on the body.

Electro-acupuncture can be used for many ailments but it has been shown to be especially effective in sports medicine to help heal injuries. Additionally, it is often used for chronic pain, spasms, neurological diseases and paralysis.

Are you wondering what it would feel like to be hooked up to needles with electrical current running through them? Do you have a Frankenstein-like scenario running through your mind right now? The truth is that the electrodes emit a gentle vibration and the result is a very soothing acupuncture treatment. If you don’t believe me, check out the blissful smile on my husband’s face in the picture above.

Is electro-acupuncture right for you? Contact me and find out!

Off the Mat

The other day an acupuncture client I have known for many years had a question about my love for yoga.  She asked in an incredulous voice, “Why do you spend your limited free time in pretzel-like, positions that look uncomfortable and, some of them, unbearable?”  Good question!!!

Why do those of us who practice yoga choose to arrange our bodies in seemingly bizarre hand-to-foot-standing-balance-fbshapes that are challenging and often uncomfortable?  As if that isn’t enough, while finding these shapes with our bodies we ask our breath to be long and smooth and our minds to remain calm.

Many yoga postures may bring up feelings of frustration and discomfort, potentially activating our fight or flight response.  Simultaneously taking long, deep breaths activates our parasympathetic system sending a signal that tells us “Even though you are feeling challenged, you can choose to stay calm”.

We practice this over and over again on our mats with the intention of taking this skill off of our mats and out into the rest of our lives.  So maybe, just maybe, the next time we get chewed out by our boss, cut off in rush hour traffic, or accused by our teenage son or daughter that we “Just don’t understand!” we can recognize that while we are feeling challenged and frustrated and maybe down right angry, we can choose to take some long, deep breaths and remain calm.

The practice of yoga doesn’t ask us to have a perfect headstand or crow pose or to be able to do a split.  It asks us to remain calm as we challenge ourselves on our mats and then to find this same sense of calm and stillness when life outside of our yoga practice challenges us.

Yoga as Botox?

Ah, yoga, “how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…..” My love for the practice of yoga playing-on-the-slide-with-solis-fb1grows each and every day. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time with my two year old niece and I was reminded of one of the things I loved about yoga during our honeymoon period, the early days of our crush, and which is still present each and every time I practice yoga. A sense of play and enthusiastic curiosity as I explore different poses, breath work, my own inner landscape and the world around me makes me feel down right spry.  Approaching our practice with child-like wonder and eagerness makes a posture we’ve done a million times seem brand new. Perhaps it even makes us feel brand new. Sure, sweating out impurities may make our skin glow and staying strong and flexible keeps us agile, but this sense of play and inquisitiveness about ourselves and the world around us is Botox for the soul (without the nasty side effects, of course!).

Haven’t played for awhile and wondering where to start? Meet me for a play date this Friday at Towson Yoga Works from 2-3pm for a hot vinyasa community class that will leave you feeling filled with wonder and brand spanking new!

Steady in a Storm


How do you stay grounded when your world is turned upside down? You know what I mean. There you are, just going about your business, when *surprise* life throws you a curveball.

What tools do you have to stay grounded when everything is up in the air? My yoga classes this week will focus on the things you can do on and off the mat to stay steady, rain or shine.