November 2016 archive

Unconditional Love for Ourselves

joey-down-dog-with-fall-leaves-2 joey-down-dog-with-fall-leaves joey-helping-with-leavesEvery year we see it:  “Turkey Burn Yoga Class” for the day after Thanksgiving.  Please don’t get me wrong or misunderstand.  After eating a heavy meal of foods we might not usually eat, moving our bodies feels heavenly. However, unfortunately sometimes the idea of a tough workout after a holiday celebration takes on a tone of guilt and punishment.  You ate and drank too much?  Better rush to the gym or push yourself in your yoga class the next day to burn it off.  This year I propose having a different perspective post- holiday celebration.  Rather than punishing ourselves for celebrating perhaps we can bring to mind how incredibly lucky we are to have an abundance of nourishment when so many we share this Earth with do not.  Let’s celebrate that we were able to spend some time with our loved ones or in quiet self reflection.  Let’s celebrate that we have more than enough food to keep us healthy.  And yes, maybe we can even celebrate that second piece of pie. Let’s live our lives, celebrate the holidays, and practice yoga with unconditional love for ourselves. I’ll see you on the mat this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works!


Gallbladder for………….Courage?

During the past couple of weeks I have been using the Gallbladder meridian quite often with camel-fb-1my acupuncture patients. Regardless of political affiliation many are feeling uncertain and, even more so, afraid of what new leadership will mean for our country.  Enter the Gallbladder meridian.  This channel is responsible for many things but my recent focus is on it’s ability to tap into our courage. During times of transition we rely on our courage to keep our hearts and minds open. Not into needles?  You’re in luck!  There are TONS of yoga poses that access and strengthen our Gallbladder meridian and we will be exploring many of them this week in the yoga classes I lead.  Looking for a courage boost which, in turn, will allow you to continue to emanate love and compassion?  Join me this Friday from 2-3pm for a community hot vinyasa class at Towson Yoga Works.

Election Day Advice from My Guru

joeys-face-fbOn election day and every day the practice of yoga asks us to accept what is happening right now.  To maintain our sense of calm as we witness all of the wild fluctuations and uncertainties around us.  Easier said than done, right?  To make this possible, my guru (pictured) suggests hitting the polls to vote and then hitting our mats as we sit with, and accept, all of the uncertainty around us.  My furry guru has never lead me astray before and I plan to take her advice.  Will you?  If so, join me for a community hot vinyasa class this Friday at Towson Yoga Works from 2-3pm.

My Brain on Yoga

this-is-my-brain-fbmy-brain-on-yoga-text-fbYoga does so much more than make us strong and flexible.  Modern science has been exploring the 5,000 year old practice and here’s what it has found:

1. Yoga increases GABA, serotonin, and dopamine which are neurotransmitters that are responsible for relaxation and contentedness.

2. Yoga increases our neuroplasticity which allows us to learn something new as well as change the way we currently do things.

3. Yoga actually changes the shape of our brains by thickening the layers of the cerebral cortex.  This is the part of our brain that determines our intelligence and is associated with higher learning.

Would you like to be stronger, more flexible AND smarter, peaceful and open minded?  Join me this Friday for a community hot yoga class from 2-3 at Towson Yoga Works!