Sacred Geometry

Wall mandala FBMandalas are not only beautiful, they are sacred geometrical images that have the power to focus our minds.  As we create or just gaze at a mandala, effortlessly we come into a state of meditation.  Who doesn’t need more effortless meditation?  I do, hence this addition to my living room wall.

Maybe a mandala does not match your home décor.  No problem!  Mandalas exist in the world all around us.  Anything that has a center point and radiates inside and out is a Hibiscus mandalamandala. Flowers, fruits, seashells, the eyes of your loved ones.  That’s right!  You CAN come into a state of effortless meditation while eating your orange at lunch or gazing into your defiant 13 year old’s eyes.

Look around your everyday life for the beauty that is always there waiting for you to notice it.  Allow the mandalas that you come in contact with to elevate your mind and to remind you of your very essence and deep connection to the universe.  All of that in my teenagers eyes, you’re asking doubtfully?  Give it a try and allow yourself to be amazed!






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