February 2017 archive

The Importance of Rest

As humans living in the US, we often focus on hard work.  And there is nothing wrong with Joe Yawn FBthis- I love our cultural belief that with hard work we can achieve anything. However, I also believe that without balancing our hard work with two other very important elements- play and rest- we will suffer.

The practice of yoga is a cultivation of awareness, starting with an awareness of our body, mind and soul.  We bring dedication and willingness to work hard to our mats.  But do we also bring our willingness to rest when our bodies, minds or souls are asking for it? If you are a regular attendee of my yoga classes you will often hear me say that resting is just as important as hard work.  The amount that we work, rest and play-on and off of our mats-are directly related to one another.  Without enough rest, we cannot be at our best when we are working and playing.

As we become more aware of what we may need at any given moment- work, rest, play or a combination of all three- the next step is a willingness to honor that request.  It may not always be easy to find balance but through awareness of ourselves we will know exactly what we need.

What do you need- work, rest or play?  All three are available this and every Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works.

An Ancient Secret

During this week’s yoga classes I will be revealing the ancient secret to happiness. Here’s a hint:secret to happiness FBDon’t miss out!  Join me this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works to find your bliss!


You Want to Put Cups Where?

face cupping FBIf you had never heard of cupping before last summer, the 2016 Summer Olympics changed that!  Baltimore’s very own Michael Phelps sported the tell tale hickey-like marks while competing.  In this post I discussed fire cupping and it’s many uses.  But do you know that cupping can also be used on the face? And before you ask, the flames and bruises associated with cupping on the rest of the body play no part in facial cupping. I promise.

Applying customized cups designed especially for the face feels like a facial massage.  In addition to being incredibly relaxing, facial cupping moves fluids along lymphatic pathways to remove toxins, decrease facial puffiness, cleans the pores and plumps the skin.  The end result? Skin that emits a radiant glow!

Is a radiant complexion not enough to convince you to try facial cupping? Here are some additional health issues that this type of cupping can address:

  • Sinus pressure
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders

For best results 1-2 sessions per week are recommended.  Still have some questions about this type of cupping?  Email or call me at 410-493-9129.  Or find me on Facebook here.

A Yogi Dressed as a Physical Therapist

As you can probably tell by a quick glance at my website I love using acupuncture and yoga as healing modalities for body, mind and spirit. I resonate with the holistic approach to happy, healthy living they offer. Sometimes, in the face of an injury that is just not responding to my brettusual approach, I add my other favorite tool to form the perfect trifecta- physical therapy. But I don’t just go to any ol’ physical therapist, I go to Brett Clark at Life Strength Physical Therapy and here’s why:

Just like yoga and acupuncture, physical therapy can follow a holistic model. Brett addresses not only my physical injury, but also how I feel about it and the ways it may be affecting my back musclessleep, eating habits, energy level and mood. He believes diaphragmatic breathing is important (read more here), and talks about re training our brains here. Here he tells us why child’s pose is essential for a healthy spine. Is this guy a yogi dressed in a PT’s clothing, or what?

Add to all of that an exquisite knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and the fact that Brett believes in using minimalist physical therapy (click here for more about this model of PT) and you’ve got the best of all worlds.