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Three Easy Ways to Prepare Spring TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Style

3. Grow, renew, and redefine

Spring blog postSpring brings us new life and it restores vigor and energy for our hopes and dreams. You can probably already feel it. When you step out of your house into the first 60 degree day after a long winter and a smile springs to your face- you are experiencing the energy of spring. Use that energy to revisit any resolutions you made earlier in the year. Try something new. Learn a new skill. Say “Hello” to the new neighbor you have been meaning to meet. Whatever it is, now is the time to go for it.

Have a happy, healthy Spring!

Three Easy Ways to Prepare Spring TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Style

2. Stretch

Did someone say practice yoga? Or was I just thinking out loud? According to TCM, the Yoga blog CC pic Spring 2016season of spring has a direct relationship with the tendons and sinews of the body. Keep yours supple and injury free by attending yoga classes or by committing to stretching after a run or bike ride. Still not interested? Do some stretches when you’re watching TV or a movie.

Three Easy Ways to Prepare for Spring TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Style

Winter asks us to conserve energy, rest, in essence, hibernate. Spring encourages growth and renewal. It is a time to redefine ourselves.

Do you want to be happy and healthy this spring? Check out my next 3 posts for some easy things you can do. Happy Spring!

1. Eat green

No, the green beer you drink on St. Patrick’s day does not veggies IVGreen-Beer-275x300 Delicious, nutrient packed green veggies and fruits are what will keep your health on track this spring. And don’t be afraid to eat them during the rest of the year, too.


Reason #5 to Come to my Yoga Class

Reason #5: You need to unplug.

Just for a moment, try to imagine it- 60 glorious minutes free from:Unplug blog post

  1. Ringtones
  2. Arguing children
  3. Email
  4. Social media
  5. Phone calls
  6. Demands from your boss
  7. Negative news broadcasts
  8. Annoying commercials


 Is this scenario even possible? You bet it is! Come to my yoga class at Charm City Yoga Works and experience 60 blissful minutes of time just for yourself. Unplug and recharge. Practice yoga.




Reason #4 to Come to My Yoga Class

Reason #4: You want to meet new people

During the practice of yoga we turn our gaze inward and take time to connect with ourselves.Amazing yogis 2 As we connect with ourselves more deeply, we connect with our community more deeply. Connecting with ourselves and connecting with those around us (and even with the rest of the universe) is one and the same. We are the universe. The universe is us. Deep, I know. Whether or not you believe that we are all connected in an energetic way, I guarantee that through the practice of yoga you will inevitably meet new, fascinating people. In a yoga community as large as the one at Charm City Yoga Works, you will see faces you recognize from places outside of the studio and finally have a chance to say “hi’. Or you will always happen to set your mat up next to the same person. Maybe you park next to one of your fellow yogis or yoginis and as you walk to class you realize you have oh, so much in common. I have met so many people who have enriched my life in so many ways simply by showing up for my yoga class. Would you like to do the same? Practice yoga.