Core strength = Inner strength

Side plank with Joe 2 FBPracticing yoga regularly will build the muscles of our core, protecting our spine and keeping us upright and healthy. This is important for our well-being but when I refer to strengthening our core when teaching yoga, I’m talking about more than our muscles.

Side plank Joey assist FBAs I’ve said in past posts, in both yoga and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the body, mind and spirit are so interconnected that what happens to one, affects all three. The practice of yoga strengthens our physical core and expands our inner strength. This allows us to literally and figuratively Side plank with Joe FBstand up for ourselves and gives us the physical, mental and spiritual strength to follow our true path.

Can you guess what the theme for my yoga classes will be this week? Join me on Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works for a community hot yoga class that will get you in touch with your core on all three levels.

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