How to be a hero in hero’s pose

meteor-shower 1I absolutely LOVE summer and one thing I look forward to every year will be at it’s peak this Friday morning- the Perseids meteor shower.  Click here for more about this spectacular celestial event.  This meteor shower is named after Perseus who, according to Greek mythology, was a hero for ridding the world of Medusa.  Enter Hero’s pose into this week’s yoga classes.

As you may know, because of Medusa’s ability to turn people to stone Perseus had to be very cautious and creative when approaching her.  This is the same approach we will take in this week’s practice when approaching hero’s pose and it’s variations.  Despite its unassuming nature, this pose reminds us that it’s not necessarily the most physically impressive poses that are the most “heroic”.  This pose requires quiet stillness, focus and body awareness as well as the ability to check our ego. A tall order, indeed!

I look forward to seeing you on the mat this Friday from 2-3pm for a community hot vinyasa class at Towson Yoga Works!

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