Got Jet Lag?

Shanghai, China. Bangkok, Thailand. Perth, Australia. Auckland, New Zealand. And then back home to the USA again. In total, I have been in six times zones during the past two weeks. And what a wonderful whirlwind of a trip around the world!

Before leaving for my trip I made sure to make an appointment with my acupuncturist for my Jet lag FBreturn stateside. Although there were no jets, and therefore no jet lag, 5000 years ago when Chinese Medicine is thought to have its roots, there are plenty of acupuncture treatments to help with the symptoms of jet lag.

In ancient China, people were not jet setting around the world but their circadian clocks still got out of sync for various reasons- pregnancy and having young children probably tops that list. In modern times, add shift work, certain medications and changes in your routine and you’ll notice that you can experience the symptoms of jet lag without even leaving your time zone.

If you have a big trip planned or have noticed that your sleep-wake cycle is confused and acting like it’s somewhere in the southern hemisphere instead of here in Baltimore, try acupuncture. You’ll be back in sync in no time!

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