Your hips don’t lie

As a society we spend much of our time sitting- in our cars, at work, watching TV- which leads to decreased hip mobility.  Keep reading for a couple of reasons why flexible, strong hips are important.lotus FB cropped

There are over 20 muscles in our bodies that are associated with our hips.  These muscles work together to give our hips a full range of motion. Our lifestyles encourage some of these muscles to shorten or tighten and others to atrophy which puts a huge burden on the spine. Hip opening and strengthening exercises that are common in the practice of yoga help to relieve that burden, allowing your spine a much needed sigh of relief.

In addition to these physical benefits, yogic tradition teaches that the hips are a storage ground for negative feelings and emotions, especially those related to control in our lives.  Encouraging our hips to be happy and healthy can free us from these negative emotions and make room for new ideas.  Are you ready to give your body, mind and spirit the gift of healthy hips?  Meet me at Towson Yoga Works this Friday from 2-3pm for a community hot yoga class that will bring your body, and maybe even your spirit, back into alignment.

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