For the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on Visvamitrasana in the classes that I fall-on-my-asana-1-fbhave taught.  I have also been working on this posture in my own practice. Many (myself included!) find this asana to be a very challenging pose.  Even the beginner variations can be difficult. But that is okay and here’s why:  Yoga asanas (poses) aren’t to be ‘achieved’.  Doing them perfectly isn’t the grand prize fall-on-my-asana-2-fbthat will send us on our way to enlightenment and peace.  In fact, some of the most enlightened, peaceful people I know have never set foot on a yoga mat.

Instead, asanas are teachers that help us get to know ourselves a little bit fall-on-my-asana-3-fbbetter.  Those that frustrate us illustrate our reaction to frustrating circumstances off of our mats.  The same goes for the poses that we find simple, easy or boring- how do we react when these feelings arise?  What is our reaction when we finally are able to do a pose that we have been working on for a long fall-on-my-asana-4time?  Practicing yoga postures on our mats bring to light our automatic reactions to circumstances we are confronted with in our lives off of our mat.  This is one of the gifts the asanas give us.  So forget picture perfect Yoga Journal cover/ Instagram/snapchat/facebook ready poses and join me this Friday from 2-3pm.  During this community hot vinyasa yoga class at Towson Yoga Works we will revel in all of our perfect imperfection!

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