Persistence and Patience

Persistence and patience, two important virtues on and off of the mat. In my case, I was lucky bird of paradise FB 1enough to be born with enough persistence to last me several lifetimes.  And patience? Well, with others I have tons.  With myself? Let’s just say I’m (still!!!) working on it.  And in case I lose sight of practicing patience toward myself, the Universe in all of it’s wisdom (and usually with a sense of humor!!) is right there to remind me.

Last week I mentioned that the yoga asanas or poses are teachers, showing us how we react in different circumstances.  Like life, the practice of yoga requires both persistence and patience in equal amounts.  Are we willing and able to try, fail, shake it off, and try again?  Are we willing and able to be kind to ourselves as we brush ourselves off and prepare for our next attempt? Let’s practice our persistence and fine tune our patience with ourselves on the mat so when we are faced with challenges outside of the yoga studio we are ready to meet them.  I’ll see you this Friday at Towson Yoga Works from 2-3pm!

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