Reason #3 to Come to My Yoga Class

Reason #3: It costs $6!!

How much would you pay to:

  1. Feel relaxed, happy, and content  frappuccino
  2. Increase your lean muscle mass and flexibility
  3. Lower your blood pressure and improve your sleep
  4. Decrease your pain
  5. Improve your posture
  6. Keep your immune system strong and your allergies at bay
  7. Look and feel vibrant

In America, we spend billions of dollars every year to look and feel great.  We spend large amounts of money on plastic surgery, weight loss programs and prescription medications to look and feel our best. Well, I have a secret that you can add to your arsenal and it costs about the same as a Starbucks Frappuccino. To experience the health benefits listed above, come to a Community Yoga Class at Charm City Yoga Works.  Practice yoga.

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