Reason #2 to Come to My Yoga Class

Reason #2:  Your brain feels a little lopsided

Did you know that you have a certain amount of control over the shape of your brain? It’s braintrue!  Let’s say, for example, you are a professional tennis player who practices your sport for several hours a day. The part of your brain that has to do with eye/hand coordination will grow larger and become more efficient.

The same is true if you think stressful thoughts all day or if you expose yourself to hours of stressful news stories on television or your computer for many hours a day.  The parts of your brain that respond to stress and negative thoughts will grow larger as the parts that are under utilized (those that deal with calming thoughts and relaxation) will deteriorate from under use.

A vicious cycle is created.  The parts of the brain we need to relieve stress have deteriorated and are too weak to be effective.  The parts that respond to stress grow stronger and stronger over stimulating our fight or flight response. Click here to read what Dr. Marchant has discovered about how we can re-balance our brains in a culture that constantly stimulates our stress response.  I’ll give you a hint: (spoiler alert!!!) Long, deep, measured, mindful breaths. Practice yoga.

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