Can Side Crow Come Out To Play?

Feet 3 FBDo you remember when going out to play was a huge part of your day?  I know among adults play is sometimes considered unproductive and a waste of time.  I disagree.  The more relaxed I am, the more productive I am. Ideas and solutions to problems almost effortlessly spring to mind when I am open, having fun and feeling free.  And what better way to find a relaxed state of mind and body than by playing?

How does play fit into my yoga practice?  Very prominently!  The Sanskrit word lila can be loosely translated as play.  One use of this term refers to the notion that the universe was born through playful creativity, freedom and bliss rather than necessity.  Whoa!  If an entire universe can be created by having fun, what will happen if we try some playful variations of side crow during my classes this week?  The possibilities are limitless!  Show up this Friday from 2-3pm at Towson Yoga Works if you want to have some fun!

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