A Yogi Dressed as a Physical Therapist

As you can probably tell by a quick glance at my website I love using acupuncture and yoga as healing modalities for body, mind and spirit. I resonate with the holistic approach to happy, healthy living they offer. Sometimes, in the face of an injury that is just not responding to my brettusual approach, I add my other favorite tool to form the perfect trifecta- physical therapy. But I don’t just go to any ol’ physical therapist, I go to Brett Clark at Life Strength Physical Therapy and here’s why:

Just like yoga and acupuncture, physical therapy can follow a holistic model. Brett addresses not only my physical injury, but also how I feel about it and the ways it may be affecting my back musclessleep, eating habits, energy level and mood. He believes diaphragmatic breathing is important (read more here), and talks about re training our brains here. Here he tells us why child’s pose is essential for a healthy spine. Is this guy a yogi dressed in a PT’s clothing, or what?

Add to all of that an exquisite knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and the fact that Brett believes in using minimalist physical therapy (click here for more about this model of PT) and you’ve got the best of all worlds.

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